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We have a great team of roofers who are motivated and 'all about roofing'. Their expert skills and knowledge of both residential and commercial roofing comes from their many years of experience within the industry. Driven by our values and passion for roofing is why we can deliver high quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Damian working.jpg
Damian Leathers
Owner & "Always Roofing"

Damian "knows Roofing" and great at it!

Damian is a qualified roofer, accredited installer for all metal long-run products, and Licenced Building Practitioner with over 19 years experience in the roofing industry. He has worked for multiple roofing companies on both residential and commercial projects across different regions within Aotearoa and overseas. All of this, as well as Damian's passion and pride in his work has afforded him the advantage of top of the line workmanship!

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Kaydem Hare-Leathers
Owner & Team Leader

Kaydem "knows Roofing" and is "learning all about Business".

Kaydem has been roofing for 7 years and in that time has also worked alongside his dad (Damian) at the same companies throughout Aotearoa, learning and picking up valuable skills of the roofing trade. Kaydem's commitment to accuracy ensures his workmanship is of a high standard.

Lee Hare
Business Driver & Project Manager

Lee "knows Business" and her job is to drive it!

Lee is highly qualified and experienced in all things business with a Bachelor's Degree in Management, Postgraduate Degree in Business, and Masters in Business (MBA). She has years of experience working within different organisations across multiple industries and as a previous business owner. All of this in conjunction with surviving the toughest journey of her life is tribute to her ways of doing business, effective communication and customer service.


We encourage, inspire and grow together!

With a TEAM OF 20+ and still rapidly growing, we are building a strong team within a positive and healthy environment that is all about encouraging and motivating each other to learn, grow and do great things! Our fast growing team of ROOFERS, BUILDERS, PROJECT MANAGERS are either qualified or completing their apprenticeships/ degrees as well as working on their individual development plans. Delivering high quality workmanship is our top priority, so ensuring our team have the best knowledge, skills and experience is a must!

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